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Food Parcels

The $50 parcel roughly feeds a young family of 4-5 for a week and contains around $175-$200 worth food in each equating to approximately 2 shopping trollies of supplies.

Online ordering is available at your leisure on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and orders are placed for the next available "Pickup Day", pickup days are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your order is placed before midnight of the day before your parcel is required.
Click here to order online!!!


  • There is potentially free fruit, veg and other items for pickup clients pending availabilty.
  • If you personally introduce a friend you receive 5% off your next parcel.

Special Dietary Needs

We occasionally have stock that caters for speciality diets. Check our available items when ordering.


Membership is not required for parcel orders, however anyone wanting to enter the Foodbarn Shop on Thursdays has to sign up and become a member, membership is free and you can either fill out the form on arrival or print off a copy, fill it out and bring it in. Click here for our registration form

Phone Orders

If you're unable to place your order online please call 0410 565 781 between 7:30pm-9:00pm the day before the parcel is required, if your call isn't answered please leave your name and number.

Product Quality

  • A lot of our products are 'seconds', because of this some items may be close to or past their 'best before' date and could start to change taste or colour but are generally ok for some time.

  • Products marked beyond their 'use by' date have been frozen beforehand.

  • Some packaging could have changed or been damaged but the goods within the package are still good.

  • Some of our meat products have been pre-cooked and frozen or are prepared frozen meals, which will only require reheating. These foods should be cooked to a temperature of at least 75°C or higher to ensure harmful bacteria are killed.

  • Vegetables may be seconds and ripe and in some cases require attention.

Example of what our $50 parcel contains (October 2016)

food items

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"My husband suffered a back injury which resulted in him being unable to work, we went from a two income family to one.

This service has fed my family for at least 4 months and has enabled us to keep our heads above water. We cannot express our sincere gratitude for the generous help we have received."
-FJ 15/7/16
"Formerly a bank manager and then part time broker I have two children suffering from mental illness and came from Domestic violence where we left everything and began again.

With increased caring needs for my children I have had to become a fulltime Carer and as such my income reduced considerably.

Due to the awesome generosity of the food parcels I was able to provide not only the food for my family but make up the repayments every fortnight on my mortgage."
-DB 7/9/16
"We are all fulltime students with rigorous schedules and the Foodbarn enables us to survive working slightly less.

There is no way we could make it without help the foodbank had given us over the previous months.

To be able to come home and have a good supply of food makes coming home after studying long hours a lot easier."
-SC 9/9/16

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