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New Life Community Care Foodbarn was born in 2008 to reach out into the Gold Coast community with love, support and hope. Since the opening, many volunteers have enabled us to reach out and help thousands of people in need.

We believe that loving support and acceptance is a vital key in helping so many who have suffered loss, hardship, neglect, abuse or health issues that have come their way. In order to further address this we also run a well accepted 12 step recovery program to help make a difference in our Gold Coast community. New Life Community Care Accommodation exists for those who may require assistance with emergency accommodation.

We hope to, in the future, on our 3-acre complex, have another 30 units for over 50's with affordable rents and opportunities to work in our welfare services, helping others and giving back to our community. We understand that many over 50's experience a hard time in finding employment. By welcoming them into our community organisation we increase their socialisation, boost their confidence and, for us, get some much needed volunteer assistance.

The amazing work achieved in our community would not be possible without the assistance of some 15-25 committed volunteers each day.

New Life Community Care is committed to the needs of support for people in hardship and need. The Foodbarn is only one arm of the services the charity runs that support over 17 charities and feed thousands of mouths a month and save somewhere between 25,000 to 30,000 tons a month of waste food going to land fill.

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"My husband suffered a back injury which resulted in him being unable to work, we went from a two income family to one.

This service has fed my family for at least 4 months and has enabled us to keep our heads above water. We cannot express our sincere gratitude for the generous help we have received."
-FJ 15/7/16
"Formerly a bank manager and then part time broker I have two children suffering from mental illness and came from Domestic violence where we left everything and began again.

With increased caring needs for my children I have had to become a fulltime Carer and as such my income reduced considerably.

Due to the awesome generosity of the food parcels I was able to provide not only the food for my family but make up the repayments every fortnight on my mortgage."
-DB 7/9/16
"We are all fulltime students with rigorous schedules and the Foodbarn enables us to survive working slightly less.

There is no way we could make it without help the foodbank had given us over the previous months.

To be able to come home and have a good supply of food makes coming home after studying long hours a lot easier."
-SC 9/9/16

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